'An absolute disgrace': Mikel Arteta livid about controversial Newcastle goal

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    Furious Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, branded the VAR decision not to rule out Anthony Gordon's goal in his side's 1-0 defeat at Newcastle "an absolute disgrace".
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    Gordon turned home the winner in a scrappy game of few chances midway through the second half to end Arsenal's 10-game unbeaten Premier League start. After referee Stuart Attwell awarded the goal, jubilant Newcastle fans had an extended, anxious wait as the VAR made a triple check to see whether the ball had gone out of play before Joe Willock's cross, whether Joe Linton had fouled Arsenal defender Gabriel and whether Gordon had been offside. A livid Arteta, said he felt "sick" and could not hide his anger after the match. "You have to talk about how the hell did this goal stand? Incredible. I feel embarrassed," the 41-year-old Spaniard said.
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He didn’t provide any argument though

29 дней назад

Premier League has the worst referees in Europe. Also the level of technology used in most stadiums are still way behind the top leagues in Europe.

Месяц назад
@arsenal0095 +3

Robbery. Money influence

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